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Description of Introspect

Pixplicity® Introspect allows developers and enthusiasts to find all the information about their device!

This app shows you all the useful information you might want to know about a phone or tablet: screen size and screen density in both pixels and dips, ip-address, OS version and WebKit user-agent... you name it:

System - A complete list of hardware and software capabilities, including CPU power, memory, browser agent, OpenGL properties and all available hardware and software features.

Battery - All available battery information, like capacity, amperage, health, temperature, status, and more. Useful for checking the power of your charger*!

Cameras - Not just the number of megapixels, but all the properties: zoom factors, face detection, exposure compensations and much, much more.

Device - Personal device data such as UDID, uptime and language.

Display - All the information you'd possibly want to know about the size and density of your display.

Network - Information about connectivity, including IP addresses, bluetooth and SIM information.

Sensors - A complete list of all the sensors in your phone or tablet, including detailed information about its data resolution, update frequency and power consumption.

Storage - Free and used storage, internal and external.

Furthermore, it also includes tools to aid in app development or even in diagnosing external issues! More will be added as we go (we have some great ideas!) and the following are already included:

Signal strength meters - Simple 'heart rate' pulse graphs of your current GSM and WiFi signal strengths. Find the dead spots in your house and strategically place your router!

Sound meter - Another 'heart rate' pulse graph, of whatever the mic picks up.

Packages - Ever wondered about the package name or version name and number of an app? The system settings don't show you, but Introspect does!

Cheat sheets - No shame in looking things up. As a developer, it's always useful to keep some often-needed information close by. We give you a list of Android SDK version numbers, and a personal favourite: example of all the Porter-Duff image overlay modes.

*) Note: not all features are present on all devices. E.g. battery capacity is not reported by all devices, and the signal strength meter is only available on devices with a SIM-card.

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